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"... Rouhani's stage presence is so huge, her vocal prowess so accompalished and her behaviour so diva-esque ..."

Mary Grace Nguyen - Fringe Opera

" The beautiful tones of Honey Rouhani

lit up the stage, acting and flirting deliciously.

A rare treat. "                  

Jon Fox - NODA

'Honey Rouhani as a supremely entitled and manipulative Musetta'

Henrietta Bredin - Opera Magazine

''Throw Musetta (Honey Rouhani) into the mix and it’s pure operatic drama'

''Rouhani provides the humour, gyrating and flirting with several men in the audience in perfect Musetta style'

West End Wilma

Honey Rouhani as Musetta is an utter revelation; her voice and her acting are the most memorable part of the entire opera - The Stuart Review

The Most Memorable Musetta I have ever seen - The Stuart Review

Honey Rouhani reinvents the term Diva. She works the room as effortlessly as she works the scales. - Paul T Davies - British Theatre

Rouhani’s Musetta, is enthralling. She enraptures and seduces the audience in the first half of a now entirely revisited Quando m’en vo’. Camille Lapaix - Miro Magazine