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"Honey Rouhani is a delightful Despina. She makes every note sound gloriously effortless and she talks, quips and jokes with eloquent, flashing eyes. Her cynical, rippling 6|8 number when she first tells Fiordiligi and Dorabella what she thinks about men is sung with terrific verve"


Susan Elkin - The Lark Reviews

"Honey Rouhani sparkles as the sassy Despina"


The Stage

"Honey Rouhani’s sparkly eyed and mischievous Musetta does a fantastic turn at playing the audience"


Anthony Evan - Planet Hugill

"Honey Rouhani as Musetta is an utter revelation; her voice and her acting are the most memorable part of the entire opera"


The Stuart Review

"Honey Rouhani sings with appropriate gusto"


Joanna Hetherington - The Spy in The Stalls




"Honey Rouhani reinvents the term Diva. She works the room as effortlessly as she works the scales"


Paul Davies - British Theatre


"Honey Rouhani’s sexy soprano Musetta, a vamp whose sexiness steams up the glasses of a number of audience members, such is their proximity to the action"


Philip Fisher - British Theatre Guide

(c) Alex Brenner, no use without credit, Dulwich O
(c) Alex Brenner, no use without credit, Dulwich O
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